Driven by Passion

Ever since I was young, my father and grandparents instilled a good work ethic in me. No matter what you do, do your best, and do it well. Some things are easier said than done. I am a hard worker. I always give my best. But I am never satisfied with what is in front of me. I am driven by passion to always be better. To try new things. And to help others be the best version of themselves.

Three months ago I didn’t know my life would take a such a drastic turn. I had recently switched jobs after retiring from a 20-year career in the Air Force and teaching at a middle school. It was a rough year transitioning into being a civilian. I was unhappy, sad, and well most likely spiraling into a state of depression. I loved being in the military. It wasn’t always cup cakes and roses for me, well hardly ever actually. But everyday I laced up my boots and buttoned my uniform with pride. If I could do it all over again I would.. but this time I may be a little less stubborn.

When I started my new job for the Army I needed a life challenge. I was still bored. I had already achieved so much at this point: raising two great boys on my own, achieving the highest level of education, becoming a professor, helping countless superstars achieve life and fitness goals. I needed something more. Something challenging and exciting. Something that most would never dare step into. I wanted to be an Ironman.

A few years back there was a touching video that circled the Internet. A dad, and his son, set out on a journey to complete an Ironman together. Such a touching story of a father helping his disabled son be a part of his fitness goals by taking him through every step of that 140-mile journey.

Of course my boys had seen this online and said: “mommy will you do an Ironman for us.?” I replied quickly like most would do. No way! That is way to much. Who would ever do that? But here I am today in my third week of training for Ironman Texas in April 2018.

When I got my life back in September(thanks to my ride or die – BFF 👊) I started running again, swimming and biking. I started to lose the 23lbs I had acquired from my year from hell. My attitude improved. I was laughing and smiling again. And finally becoming the best version of myself.

I have decided to write about my journey to becoming an Ironman and getting my life back on track. It may not help you reading this right now, but it will help someone, someday, somewhere. I hope to inspire my friends, enlighten my followers, and change the minds of my haters 🙂 If I can help inspire the life of one, my journey will be a success as I know that life will pay it forward to the next, as I am doing right now. I know I will forever be thankful for that email in September that has changed my life for forever.

Till next time.. remember your focus and ask yourself, what have you done for someone today?




Author: drrunneryoggini

Dr of Education, Runner enthusiast, Yoga Explorer, Mom of boys trying to be the best version of myself. #drivenbypassion

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